A warm welcome as I.T.C. Group joins the CRANE Temper family!

The year has begun with excitement at KRAHN Specialty Fluids, as the company warmly welcomes the I.T.C. Group to its global distributor network in the far east.

The Thailand based I.T.C. Group and the team at Refritech Co. Ltd, are leaders in industrial refrigeration, freezing and cold storage systems in the Thai market, having established themselves as a thriving and successful company since their launch in 1982.  

Highly respected for their dedication to quality, technical expertise, cost efficiency and high technology capabilities, the I.T.C. Group is also committed to offering more sustainable and decarbonization products, a vision that is shared by KRAHN Specialty Fluids and its environmentally friendly refrigeration applications served by CRANE Temper, known for its outstanding non-toxic, green and effective heat transfer fluid solutions.

For I.T.C. Group, innovations such as Cooling Batt, Thermal Ice Storage (Ice Bank), one of the company’s newest innovations, is designed to utilize CO₂ emissions, which combined with its latent heat storage technology, generates cooling at night-time and stored cooling energy during the day – mitigating emissions and offering environmentally friendly reductions in energy use and costs at the same time.  

Henrik Lovberg, KRAHN Specialty Fluids Area Sales Manager, commented: “We’re thrilled to have you as our partner for the Thailand market. Your expertise and commitment align seamlessly with our “green vision” to make the refrigeration industry more energy efficient and sustainable. In our dedicated distributor network, you’re not just a partner, you’re a vital force to drive our common success. A very good start to the year – the CRANE Temper family is growing!”

For more information visit the I.T.C. Group website: www.itc-group.co.th

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