Delivering antifreeze for Fire Suppression Systems for lifesaving protection

KRAHN Specialty Fluids is committed to continuous technical development and innovation, offering more sustainable, energy efficient and safer industry driven solutions for the multiple markets and applications where our world class products are in use.

Critical industry spaces such as engine compartments and other enclosed places that require improved fire safety systems can pose a challenge. KRAHN Specialty Fluids has for a long time, together with our partner, been successful at supressing and extinguishing these types of fires.

Our quality formulation, CRANE Temper S, which offers superior performance in both low and high pressure sprinkler and water mist systems, provides lifesaving protection against fire. High pressure water mist systems are extremely efficient for suppressing fires in multiple applications.

CRANE Temper S is a glycol-free, high quality antifreeze, readily biodegradable up to 97% after 7 days, and an immediate fire suppressant. Its unique environmental properties and effectiveness as a suppressant/extinguishant make its use essential for critical applications like fire protection in engine compartments, delivering vital time saving properties that can mitigate risk and increase prospects for lifesaving protection.

With more stringent regulations being imposed globally on public transportation systems, vehicles, trucks, engines, railways remain at the forefront of safety legislation; fire suppression systems must satisfy regulatory safety protocols.

KRAHN Specialty Fluids remains committed to supporting its partners through its high quality formulations, which improve the performance of fire suppression systems and deliver lifesaving protection.   

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