Energy efficiency at Angered Arena

Temper Technology?s top of the line environmentally friendly heat transfer fluids are helping to ensure that one of Gothenburg?s most popular leisure facilities runs efficiently and without interruption all year round.

Angered Arena is a 12,600 square-metre activities centre that provides its community with adult and child facilities including an ice rink and 25-metre swimming pool, which require constant cooling and heating respectively.

The ice rink uses 11,000 litres of Temper -20 non-toxic, green and powerful Heat Transfer Fluid for cooling the ice. While cooling coils maintain ice rink conditions, dry cooler heat is normally vented away, however in this instance, the heat is recovered by the system, developed by Istech in tandem with Temper Technology expertise and products, to warm the swimming pool, lowering heating costs for the swimming pool at the same time as providing an energy efficient solution.

Temper Technology?s Heat Transfer Fluids are non-toxic and ecologically sound, as well as readily biodegradable. Because their viscosities are relatively low compared with glycol, pumps and pipe work can be smaller for the same performance, cutting the cost of purchasing, installing and running a system.

Since 1996, Temper Technology has provided environmentally focussed solutions for customers both large and small, gaining an international reputation for compliant, high quality and energy efficient products. The company provides services and products for various projects and builds the world over.

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