FAQs – CRANE Temper S

What is the proper pH-value?

CRANE Temper S is delivered with the pH value of 8-9. Also, after use the pH for CRANE Temper S should normally be 8-9For larger deviations, especially if the deviation increases KRAHN Specialty Fluids AB should be consulted.

What can cause a pH change?

If the system contains a lot of air it contributes to corrosion. The metal then forms metal oxide which is alkaline. Depending on which metal that corrodes ,the pH value (pH 7-14) of the metal oxide varies. Consult KRAHN Specialty Fluids AB in such cases. 

Is CRANE Temper S safe to handle?

Yes, CRANE Temper S has a pH value of 8-9 and does not require any special handling or storage measures. Just like when you swim in the ocean you can feel a slight transient irritation in eyes and wounds. Avoid skin contact as salt solutions may be experienced as dehydration.

How efficient is CRANE Temper S at suppressing fire?

Very efficient, even better than water and do not contribute with energy to the fire. See section Performance in our website. 

What shall I do if a have a leakage of CRANE Temper S?

Rinse with water and wipe the surface dry at once. If needed use a soft brush before rinsing with water.

Ensure that the system is built according to CRANE Temper S system guide and that the right type of materials are used. Make sure to find the reason for the leakage and correct it.

When the leakage is corrected make sure to top up the system and air-purge the system.

How do I use CRANE Temper S?

CRANE Temper S is an antifreeze to be used in closed systems for frost protection and/or extinguishing agent. Keep in closed original container until use. After filling the system, make sure to air-purge the system well and preferably at ambient temperature. Label the pipe and filling point with which product is used. Keep a small amount of product on site to enable to top up the system if necessary.

Why is CRANE Temper S delivered ready to use instead of concentrate?

To ensure high quality and optimal concentration of corrosion protection. If diluted, the freezing point will change together with a lower concentration of corrosion protection, which reduces the corrosion protection performance.

What is the lowest freeze protection temperature CRANE Temper S can achieve?

CRANE Temper S is always supplied ready-to-use and is available in seven different versions with freezing points from-10°C to-55°C . We recommend calculating the appropriate safety margin between operating temperature and freezing point for each individual application.

What are the benefits when using CRANE Temper S?

CRANE Temper S significantly lowers the heat release rate, whereas other antifreeze fluids, like glycol, may do the opposite. Due to the salts in the fluid, CRANE Temper S suppresses the fire more efficiently than other antifreeze fluids, including water. The effectiveness of CRANE Temper S enables the use of a lower amount of water, and therefore the potential water damage is reduced. 

  • Fire suppression – Immediate and effective suppression of fire without delay
  • Non-toxic and readily biodegradable – Not harmful to the environment
  • Low freezing point – CRANE Temper S covers a very wide range – from any plus degree application down to deep freezers.
  • Pressure Systems – Can be used in both low- and high-pressure systems.
  • Chemically stable – CRANE Temper S is stable and will not change over time like glycol based antifreeze.
  • Long term solution
  • CRANE Temper S is unlike glycols not flammable.
  • CRANE Temper S have a bitter taste, that will alert you if ingested.

Where can I get more information about CRANE Temper S or where can I buy CRANE Temper S?

Why choose CRANE Temper S in favor of other antifreeze agents?

Choosing CRANE Temper S gives a series of advantages in respect of economy, health, and environment.

How do I store CRANE Temper S?

Store in closed original containers protected from weather and wind.

Do I have to change CRANE Temper S after a certain time?

No, CRANE Temper S is chemically stable and does not degrade, like glycol-based products. By continuously analyzing the fluid once a year and maintaining the system properly, the lifetime of a system with CRANE Temper S is virtually unlimited.

Why are KRAHN Specialty Fluids recommending regular analyses?

Continuous inspection and maintenance of the plant ensures that the service life is increased as any faults and leaks are detected early.

If the plant is not in the right “balance”, it can be costly or cause other operational problems in the plant. 

Do not only fix a fault without finding out the cause of the problem, otherwise there is a great risk that the problem will reoccur.

Do not just replace a certain component and hope that it works in the future but find out why the problem has arisen and use, if necessary, a different type or variant of a certain component.

Can I evaluate the antifreeze agent on site?

You can easily check smell and colour. KRAHN Specialty Fluids has pH sticks and density meters available for sale that can be used to measure pH and check the freezing point.

Why should I save a reference sample and keep it in a dark place?

A reference sample is kept to be able to compare the operating fluid with an unused fluid in the sense of smell and colour. Store the liquid in a dark place. Liquid may darken if exposed to direct sunlight. 

Which materials can be used?

Most of the commonly used materials and components. Contact KRAHN Specialty Fluids for information and recommendation regarding installation.






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