Heat Transfer Fluids market benefits from industry uptake

Growing industry trends and stricter environmental regulations will continue feeding the exponential rise of the heat transfer fluid market in the coming years, with current projections placing the market value of thermal fluids at $4.2 billion by 2024.

The chemical, automotive, metal-processing, and oil and gas sectors are increasingly adopting thermal transfer fluid systems for their processes, while sectors such as the HVAC and power-generation industries are also implementing heat transfer fluid systems as demand for environmentally friendly products grows.

Current trends indicate that significant growth in the chemical industry has increased demand for thermal fluids and thermal fluid systems used in processes such as the heating and cooling of polymers, batch processing, and residual heat recovery as suppliers seek to meet demand through cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

Thermal fluids? growing availability and ability to easily retain and modify heat energy render them important substances for a wide range of processes, offering safety, low maintenance and extended operating lifetimes when compared against traditional technologies such as steam heating or direct fire heating. The technology offers highly efficient non-corrosive heating and cooling and allows for accurate temperature regulation and uniformity across entire systems.

Temper Technology?s ECO MPG heat transfer fluid is a cost effective, ready-mixed mono propylene glycol solution with an efficient corrosion inhibitor. It is readily biodegradable and reduces CO2 balance of not less than 70% compared against petroleum-based propylene glycol. To find out more on Temper Technology?s Heat Transfer Fluid expertise and solutions, click here.

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