Temper Technology and EcoRef keep it cool and sustainable at new dairy farm installation in Greece

Temper Technology, together with their Greek partner and Temper ambassador, EcoRef, were able to keep energy efficiency and sustainability high on the agenda, at the installation of a new logistics centre for expanding family dairy, LA Farm in Thessaly, Greece.

The fast-growing family business was looking to achieve energy savings and minimise global warming potential (GWP) when considering the design of new refrigeration units as part of their recent expansion programme.  

To fulfil this EcoRef were able to suggest a system with an Alfa Laval product and a secondary cooling unit with a non-toxic and biodegradable heat transfer fluid with favourable thermal properties. Compared with other heat transfer fluids, Temper significantly reduce energy consumption and limit the environmental impact. 

By offering a secondary cooling unit with Temper, not only was the energy consumption reduced, also the safety aspect was prioritised by keeping the ammonia charge to a minimum and separated from the cold storage plant.

With Temper Technology’s heat transfer fluid, LA Farm’s new state-of-the-art installation is now safer, more energy efficient and respectful to both the local and global environment.

The solution adopted in the refrigeration plant is a perfect example of solutions that will be followed in the near future.”

Daniel Pappas, Managing Partner at ECOREF (Refrigeration Consultants & Designers)

You can read more about this successful installation in the case story by Alfa Laval.

Temper Technology and EcoRef keep
Temper Technology and EcoRef keep

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