Make your system last longer

Temper Technology is committed to ensuring its equipment systems and components remain safe and reliable. The Temper System Guide provides important advice and guidance on the recommended safety checks and best maintenance practices to safeguard products for optimum use.

Critically, the clear advice for any error or problem with parts or components, whether it is simply fixing a leak or replacing a part, is that the underlying issue must be resolved successfully and permanently to ensure the problem does not recur.

To safeguard the longevity and performance of products the following recommendations should be considered:

Service & Maintenance

  • Regular, documented service intervals must be kept
  • Only use materials and components that are compatible with the plant?s heat transfer fluid – this ensures maximum efficiency of energy consumption and prevents other potential operating problems occurring
  • Continuous inspection and maintenance of the plant means energy savings and life expectancy increases as any faults and leaks are discovered early


  • Regularly inspect equipment liquid according to instructions, either through self-testing or by sending samples to a Temper representative or Temper Technology for analysis. Full details available here Test Equipment and Temper Analysis.


  • Pumps ? regularly check that the pump and splash guard are functioning properly, complete with a drip tray. Spills must be rinsed away immediately.
  • Valves ? regularly check that the valve is functioning and tight. Spills must be rinsed away immediately.
  • Bleeding devices – regularly check that the device is well-functioning and leakproof. Air-purging valves should be disassembled and cleaned, if necessary, preferably with water.
  • Set pressure of the expansion vessel – check to ensure correct static pressure of the pump. The system pressure must be checked regularly.
  • Filter – select the appropriate mesh size and clean the filter regularly.
  • Measuring instruments, manometers ? regularly check that the equipment is functioning and leak proof.
  • Flange joint and couplings ? regularly check that the connections are leakproof. Retightening may be required.
  • Cooling batteries and heat exchanger ? regularly check that the appliances are clean and leakproof.

As always, if you take care of something that is important to you, for example your refrigeration system, not only you will save energy, but also it will last longer. For potential guidance, Temper Technology?s Technical support team is always standing by –

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Make your system last longer
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