Temper Technology launches new calculator tool for customers

Temper Technology has launched its brand new online calculator tool, enabling customers to compare thermal properties and use real-world calculations to see the performance benefits of the business? comprehensive range of high quality, environmentally safe products at the touch of a button.

Enhancing the Temper Technology offering to customers

The platform is another dedicated service which has been made available to customers free of charge and follows on from the successful relaunch of the Temper Technology website in December 2020 as the company continues to expand its digital profile.

The calculator encompasses user-friendly functionality in keeping with current trends and is also fully responsive, meaning that visitors can operate it with ease on through device, whether in the office, at home or on the move.

Click here to access Temper Technology?s Thermal Calculator.?The main part of cooling and freezing is within food applications. MPG or 1,2-MonoPropylene Glycol is perhaps the most commonly used heat transfer fluid in those applications. Comparison between Temper and MPG has been done from freezing point of -40?C to -10?C. Below -40?C the viscosity of MPG gets too high for practical use. Already @ -30?C, the viscosity is so high that the centrifugal pumps barely can be used. A thumb rule is that at kinematic viscosity above 300 cSt, centrifugal pumps cannot be used. Other types of pumps are very expensive and inefficient. The calculations (Reynolds number, pressure drop and heat transfer coefficient) are made for circular tubes.

If you have any feedback on the tool or the Temper Technology website, or for any enquiries relating to the business, please contact us.

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