The future of Heat Transfer Fluids

As demand for heat transfer fluids grows globally, Temper Technology?s top of the range portfolio of energy efficient heat transfer fluids are the preferred choice for a wide range of applications.

Developing economies with rapidly expanding manufacturing  facilities and  government-backed incentives to strengthen renewable energy sources is driving demand. Temper Technology is responding to these market changes with cutting edge technology and a focus upon energy conservation and sustainable products.

?We are a proactive manufacturer, able to respond to market changes and deliver products across the globe that meet the latest legislation and compliance regulations,? explains Doo-Ho Choi, Business Contol, Temper Technology. ?The market demands high quality, safe products that can dramatically reduce costs as a result of their enhanced thermal capabilities.?

The global market is projected to reach $3.25 billion by 2023, according to a report published by Tech Sci Research, registering a 6.31% CAGR during the forecast period. Increasing technological innovations including Solar power have been identified as a key driving force of its growth.

Temper Technology is at the cutting edge of heat transfer fluids development, diligently following global legislation and with the in-house resources to meet customer requirements.?Find out more about Temper Technology?s range of energy efficient products here.

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