Demand grows for Temper S -30 in Poland

Temper S -30 is demonstrating its antifreeze protection effectiveness in applications across Poland, utilised in a variety of sprinkler installations, many of which operate within the food industry with typical system volumes of between 10,000 and 100,000 litres.

Over recent years, Temper Technology distributor Foamax, a leading supplier of firefighting systems and equipment based in Warsaw, has seen a marked upturn in demand for Temper S-30 and associated Temper products, depending upon the required operational temperatures.

According to Pawel Baran, Sales Engineer, Foamax, the sales growth reflects a wider trend across Europe.

“More and more responsible businesses recognise the importance of using exceptional energy efficient and environmentally sound products such as Temper S -30 that utilise latest antifreeze technologies. Temper S is non-toxic and readily biodegradable and offers instant suppression of fire without any delays. In addition, Temper S is Glycol-free and a food approved antifreeze, ideal for long- life high and low pressure sprinkler systems. The product adds no energy to a fire and acts immediately, unlike dry pipes with time delays as water travels towards the sprinkler head.”

Temper products comply with the Foamax principal that there can be no compromises in fire safety and any products that it recommends to its customers must be reliable, of high quality and provide the most effective and sustainable solution for the specific application.

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