Evaluating Heat Transfer Fluids: CRANE Temper-an exceptional track record

Evaluating Heat Transfer Fluids: CRANE Temper-an exceptional track record


The heat transfer fluid market offers a variety of high-performance options with those based on organic salts considered amongst the very best thanks to their thermal properties; a crucial element when considering long-term operational costs. It is one of the reasons that CRANE Temper is the preferred choice for industries across the globe, a world class product with an exceptional track record for consistent performance, stability and improved operating efficiencies.

CRANE Temper: A Proven Choice

CRANE Temper has been a reliable and trusted choice in the market for more than 25 years. Its consistent performance and reliability are well-documented, making it a preferred option for many industries.
Key benefits of CRANE Temper include:

  1. Stability Over Time: Unlike some newer products whose long-term stability might be less established, CRANE Temper has a proven record of maintaining its thermal properties over time. This stability is crucial for ensuring consistent performance and reducing maintenance issues.
  2. Efficient Inhibitor Package: Corrosion is a significant challenge in heat transfer systems, leading to maintenance costs and potential system downtimes. CRANE Temper has been meticulously developed to offer an effective corrosion inhibitor, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the system.
  3. Comprehensive Technical Support: CRANE Temper’s robust technical support is built on decades of practical application and continuous improvement. Our extensive system guide helps designers and installation companies create efficient, secure, and low-maintenance systems. We leverage our accumulated knowledge from numerous projects to optimize system designs, helping our customers achieve the best possible outcomes.
  4. Total Cost of Ownership: Choosing CRANE Temper is a wise long-term investment. Our product’s proven performance and stability ensure fewer downtimes, lower maintenance costs, and longer system life, resulting in significant savings over the years. Additionally, our comprehensive technical support provides ongoing assistance and expertise to help our customers maintain their systems efficiently. Investing in CRANE Temper means choosing a product with a history of success and a strong support infrastructure, ensuring that your cooling systems remain efficient and cost-effective throughout their operational life.
  5. Energy efficient, safe and sustainable: Alongside a very low viscosity, high specific heat capacity and outstanding thermal conductivity, the ready-mixed and non-toxic organic salt solution is readily biodegradable, driving environmental change for a greener future.


CRANE Temper offers a unique combination of proven performance, stability, and comprehensive technical support. For those seeking a reliable and long-term solution in heat transfer fluids, CRANE Temper is the optimal choice. Our commitment to quality and customer support makes us a dependable partner in building robust and low-maintenance refrigeration systems.

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