Temper -25 Heat Transfer Fluid in action at Alpincenter Bottrop

December may be synonymous with winter, but Temper Technology is instrumental in ensuring there is snow all year round at one of Germany?s favourite tourist attractions.

Alpincenter Bottrop, which opened in 2001, contains the longest ski dome in the world at 640 metres. The area is akin to a coldstore of 150 000 m3, with snow produced at the top of the slope and distributed down, all sitting on top of 130km of piping, which contains 55,000 litres of Temper -25.

Unlike glycols, the Temper range of Heat Transfer Fluids are non-toxic and ecologically sound, as well as readily biodegradable. Because their viscosities are relatively low compared with glycol, pumps and pipe work can be smaller for the same performance, cutting the cost of purchasing, installing and running a system.

When calculating the facility at Bottrop, the project designer made the following observations;

?Temper-25 at the specific conditions gives a heat transfer coefficient of 1371 W/m2 ?C. MEG (Ethyleneglycol, monoethyleneglycol) (41% solution) with freezing point of ?25?C and the same conditions (16 mm tube diameter and flow speed of 1 m/s) gives a heat transfer coefficient of only 607 W/m2 ?C (1 m tube length). To enjoy the same heat transfer coefficient (1371 W/m2 ?C,) as for Temper at 1 m/s with a pressure drop of 1,39 kPa, you have to increase the flow velocity of the MEG from 1 m/s to 1,73 m/s. But at the same time the pressure drop for the MEG rises from 1,50 kPa to 3,85 kPa (1 m tube length).?

Today, the Alpincenter facility includes a summer tobogganing, air jump, the highest beer garden of the Ruhr area and is a hotspot attraction for families all year round.

Since 1996, Temper Technology has provided environmentally focussed solutions for customers both large and small, gaining an international reputation for compliant, high quality and energy efficient products. The company has provided services and products for various projects and builds the world over. For more on this and other Temper Technology success stories,?visit the Projects section of the website.

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