Temper S: the King of antifreezes

Temper S is a high quality, non-toxic antifreeze with excellent extinguishing properties. It has been specially adapted for fire protection and for areas which are subjected to frost, with a freeze protection down to -55°C.

It is available in 25ltr cannisters, 208ltr barrels and 1,000ltr black IBCs. There is also a bulk delivery option for larger volumes.

The product is glycol free and chemically stable, with an optimized concentration of advanced corrosion protection. To ensure the high quality of the product, it is always supplied ready-to-use and is available in six different versions with freezing points from -10°C to -55°C.

Furthermore, it is also biodegradable meaning 97% of the fluid will biodegrade after just seven days, which compares well with glycol-based antifreeze fluids where the biodegradability is only 70-85% after 28 days.

Compared to glycol, which adds energy to the fire. Temper S significantly lowers the heat release rate, whereas glycol based antifreeze will do the opposite. The inclusion of salts in the fluid means Temper S suppresses the fire source more efficiently than other antifreeze fluids, including water. And the use of less water means less potential water damage.

Temper S can be used in both sprinkler and water mist systems (high and low pressure) for fire protection in applications such as cold and freeze storages, engine/machine rooms, trains, tunnels, car parks, heritage buildings and marine and off-shore applications.

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