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Temper vs Propylene Glycol?

Temper vs Propylene Glycol; a comparative study. Are you planning your next cooling installation? If so, the questions you will want answered are; Is it possible to lower energy consumption without lowering effect? Can cost of components be reduced? Find out the answers in Temper vs Propylene Glycol; a comparative study.

Demand grows for Temper S -30 in Poland

Temper S -30 is demonstrating its antifreeze protection effectiveness in applications across Poland, utilised in a variety of sprinkler installations, many of which operate within the food industry with typical system volumes of between 10,000 and 100,000 litres. Over recent years, Temper Technology distributor Foamax, a leading supplier of firefighting systems and equipment based in … Continued

Temper Technology to attend Chillventa eSpecial

Temper Technology AB will be in attendance as experts from the international refrigeration, AC & ventilation and heat pump community meet online as part of the Chillventa eSpecial. From 13th-15th October, the World?s leading trade fair for refrigeration technology will see industry specialists share their knowledge across numerous lectures as part of the Chillventa Congress and … Continued

Energy efficiency at Angered Arena

Temper Technology?s top of the line environmentally friendly heat transfer fluids are helping to ensure that one of Gothenburg?s most popular leisure facilities runs efficiently and without interruption all year round. Angered Arena is a 12,600 square-metre activities centre that provides its community with adult and child facilities including an ice rink and 25-metre swimming pool, which require constant cooling and … Continued

Global pharmaceutical demand boosts Heat Transfer Fluids industry

The global Thermic Fluids Market was estimated to be worth $2.4 billion in 2017 and is expected to hit $4 billion by 2025, registering an CAGR of 6.5%, according to a report published by Global Market insights Inc., available to read in full here. The accelerated growth of the pharmaceutical sector is driving huge demand for … Continued

Heat Transfer Fluids market benefits from industry uptake

Growing industry trends and stricter environmental regulations will continue feeding the exponential rise of the heat transfer fluid market in the coming years, with current projections placing the market value of thermal fluids at $4.2 billion by 2024. The chemical, automotive, metal-processing, and oil and gas sectors are increasingly adopting thermal transfer fluid systems for … Continued

Temper Technology?s Distribution Network

Distributors play an increasingly important role in our business as we look to meet a growing worldwide demand for our Anti Freeze and Heat Transfer Fluid products . Regulatory action and an increasing global recognition of the importance of achieving sustainable and energy efficient solutions is driving sales of Temper Technology?s high quality products and … Continued

Temper -25 Heat Transfer Fluid in action at Alpincenter Bottrop

December may be synonymous with winter, but Temper Technology is instrumental in ensuring there is snow all year round at one of Germany?s favourite tourist attractions. Alpincenter Bottrop, which opened in 2001, contains the longest ski dome in the world at 640 metres. The area is akin to a coldstore of 150 000 m3, with snow … Continued